2023 Sydney Royal
May 19, 2023

2023 Perth Royal

Perth Royal Show 2023 – went out with a bang. We are home from the most successful Perth Royal Show we have ever had. We are extremely proud to have won most points in the Cattle section with our team of 10 head.


  • Venturon Timeless T73 – Interbreed Champion bull. Supreme Angus exhibit and Junior and Grand Champion bull.
  • Venturon Reminisce T54 – Interbreed Champion Junior female. Supreme Charolais exhibit, Junior and Grand Champion female.
  • Interbreed Breeders Group with our Angus team and 2nd with the Charolais. Our 3rd consecutive year winning this award but our first with our Angus team.
  • The Inaugural Interbreed Grand Champion pair – Venturon Reminisce T54 paired with our friends at Liberty Charolais Interbreed Group of 3 heifers with the Charolais and 2nd with the Angus.
  • Venturon Blackcap T156 – 2nd Interbreed heifer, Grand Champion Angus female.
  • Venturon Natural Beauty N68 – Senior Champion Charolais female. Second Interbreed senior female.
  • Venturon Velvet T141 – Reserve Junior champion female
  • Venturon Fancy Like T24 – oldest class winner Charolais heifer

It’s been the best week we have had at Perth and we can’t thank our team enough. Lill and Bron we appreciate everything you did for us this week. The rest of the crew that jumped in and helped us- Amanda, Robert, Zoe, Indy, Eliza, Connor and Sam! It’s a big team we show and without you guys we’d have only got 3 out in the ring in the groups so thank you! To the Judges, sponsors and the staff behind the scenes, we thank you for your support of the Royal Show. It’s a long time at the show and we thank you for your donation of time. Our lane buddies- The Burrow family, Mason Valley angus. Thanks for making it the most enjoyable week we’ve had at the show sharing with you guys!Thanks to Indy and Libby and Colin for their great photos throughout the week. The biggest of thank you’s to the section coordinator Jack Martin. We sure are going to miss you mate and thank you for everything you’ve done over the past 5 years.

Til’ Next year

The All Breeds Supreme Junior Champion Beef Bull went to Junior and Grand Champion Angus Bull, Venturon Timeless T73